Your Study


Your Study

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So you've finished your study? Next step - Graduation. Congratulations!

Graduation is our official celebration for all students who have successfully completed a qualification at level 4 or above.

It's an exciting time to celebrate with your friends and whānau. Make the most of your big day and attend your graduation ceremony.

Note: If you have just completed a course in levels 1-3 check with your tutor if department organised celebration is available.

Ceremony dates

We hold several ceremonies a year. These are streamed live on the Ara website. See the live streaming requirements page for technical specifications.

See our graduation dates.

How it works

If you're eligible to graduate you will receive a letter by Ara advising you of this. You will then need to complete the online graduation form and read the graduation guide.

Make sure you let us know:

  • Whether you want to attend in person or graduate in absentia (not attend and be sent your qualification)
  • How many friends or whānau members you want to bring. You are guaranteed 5 tickets but you can request extra
  • If you or anyone else has special mobility or access needs, or if a Sign Language interpreter is needed

When we receive your submitted graduation form indicating your graduation choice, we will send you a letter confirming we have received your application and include your requested guest tickets. Extra tickets requested will be posted approprimately two weeks before the ceremony, if these are available.

Graduating at the ceremony

If you're coming along we will send you a graduation guide with all the details you need for the day, including your tickets. If there are spaces available, we'll post out your extra tickets two weeks before graduation.

If you have questions about any of the information in your guide please get in touch with Ara on 0800 24 24 76 or email

Graduating in absentia

If you choose not to attend a ceremony you can pick up your qualification from Academic Records with ID after your graduation ceremony date or arrange to have it sent to you.