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Support For You

Refer to the Green and yellow emergency notices displayed in public areas.

What to do during an earthquake:

If inside:

  • Stay inside
  • Don’t use lifts or stairs.
  • Take shelter in doorways or under desks.
  • Keep away from windows or objects that could fall.

If outside:

  • Stay outside.
  • Take shelter clear of buildings, trees, power lines, or anything that could fall on you.

When the earthquake stops:

Check for signs of fire, hazardous spills, electrical hazards, or major structural damage.

Account for all staff and students.

Treat minor injuries.

Don’t evacuate unless in immediate danger, the fire alarms engage, there is obvious physical building damage, or requested to do so.

Assemble at the nearest earthquake assembly point detailed on the local emergency notice.

Await instructions.

If you are in an Ara building afterhours:

If you have any doubts as to the safety of the building, or if power is lost or alarms are ringing, once the shaking has stopped you should leave, return home and follow Civil Defence instructions which will be broadcast on radio stations.

Oamaru/New Brighton Campuses – Tsunami Warning:

If you feel a strong earthquake, or a very long duration earthquake, more than a minute, or notice the sea receding, leave the campus and make for higher ground – at least 35 metres above sea level or 1.5km inland is advised.  Follow the instructions of staff.  The tsunami warning siren from Civil Defence will sound and will be a continuous rise and fall siren noise for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Notification of the status of Ara campuses

After an earthquake where Civil Defence has been activated and the Police are issuing safety warnings Ara campus buildings will be inspected by facilities staff and if necessary engineers as to whether they are safe and able to be occupied.

If the event occurs in the evening no notice will be issued as to whether the campuses are open or closed until 7.30 am at the earliest. Facebook and the home page of the Ara web site will carry this official open or closed message in the first instance with subsequent follow-up messaging on both sites.

Secondly texts and emails will be sent to all staff and students at the same time but due to the uncertainty of the cellular network and email systems in an emergency situation there is no guarantee that these will be delivered immediately.

Emails will be sent to student Ara email addresses.