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Recently our current health and safety procedures have been reviewed and they now include actions to take in the event of an emergency that requires the campuses to be locked down.

The type of situations that would require a lockdown include where a person armed with a firearm or weapon is on campus property, gunshots directed at or near an Ara campus, police incidents involving dangerous persons that are adjacent to or within a short distance of a campus.

A lockdown message will be sent to students and staff by txt and email. Please ensure your contact details are up to date. You can do this using the Student Portal via the link on Campus Life or

On receipt of a lockdown txt or email the following are the actions to take immediately.

Actions to take:

  1. Remain calm. Encourage others to remain calm.
  2. Immediately cease all activity (i.e., teaching, group work, meetings, etc.)
  3. Assist with announcement of the lockdown by using your voice.
  4. Escape if you can. Only attempt to do this if you are certain that the move is less risky than staying in place. Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to flee.
  5. Lock or barricade all doors where possible; use furniture or desks as cover. Staff should lock key accessed buildings. Security will lock entry into buildings with electronic security.
  6. Shut the blinds or pull the shades down. Turn off the lights and try to give the impression that the room is empty. If possible, cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into a hallway.
  7. Stay low, away from windows and doors. Sit on the floor or crouch under or behind desks and bookshelves where possible, so as to be as invisible as possible.
  8. Immediately put all cell phones on "Vibrate" or "Silent" mode. Calls to Ara call centre 9999 or NZ Police should be made only if specific information becomes available regarding the location or conduct of the intruder or if the status of the emergency changes.
  9. Remain as quiet as possible.

Actions not to take:

  1. Do not hid hide in washrooms.
  2. Do not respond to anyone at the door until an "all clear" message is received via campus notification systems
  3. Do not sound the fire alarm in the building unless there is a fire. People may be placed in harm's way when they are attempting to evacuate the building. If a fire alarm does go off during a lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke or see fire in your area.
  4. Unless in immediate danger, do not attempt to leave the building until told to do so by police personnel or by further Ara message.
  5. If off-campus, do not return, follow official instructions from campus notification system.

 Other Information:

  • If you are directed by police to leave your secured area, assist others in moving as quietly and quickly as possible.
  • If you encounter police, keep your hands elevated with palms open and visible, and obey all police instructions.
  • Be aware that law enforcement officers are trained to go directly to the threat and engage it. They may not stop to assist you escape or treat injured persons. Do not do anything that would slow them down or hamper their attempts to eliminate the threat.
  • If you are outside of a building when a lockdown is announced, if it is safe to do so, run into the nearest building with hands raised above head and palms facing outward and follow the above lockdown instructions. If it is not safe to run into a building, hide behind a large heavy object (i.e., vehicle or tree). Only leave your location if you can be sure it is safe to do so or dangerous to stay.
  • During a lockdown, updates will be posted on the Ara website or . When the issue causing the lockdown has been eliminated, an "all clear - lockdown is over" message will be sent by email and txt.