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Support For You


Support For You

In an emergency

In the event of an emergency, advise a staff member. If they're not available dial 111 and wait for it to connect - don't hang up the phone. The Operator will ask you what service you need: fire, ambulance or police and connect you to that service. Give your name, the type of emergency and where you are. Consider the nearest entrance to your location.

See more information about emergency procedures.

Evacuation process

In the event of an evacuation, refer to the yellow and green emergency signs displayed in the teaching spaces and throughout the buildings. In the event of an alarm, follow the green exit signage to the nearest exit. Note that assembly points in a fire or earthquake may differ. 

Our Top Tips

Around campus:

Personal safety

  • If you've had an accident, tell us using the online accident reporting form or go to your tutor, any staff member or the student health centre to complete a report in person. If you've had an accident on a placement or internship you must let your tutor know.
  • Keep your personal belongings on you. Don't leave items on the table in the library, keep them out of sight and on you.
  • If your cellphone is stolen, ask the provider to block the SIM card immediately, then contact the police and make a police report.
  • Lock your bike. Use the secure bike compounds on campus but remember you still need to secure your bike with a chain or cable.
  • For police non emergency matters i.e Bike Theft, Car break-ins, call 03 363 7400 to report it direct, let security on campus know also.

Some general tips from us:

  • Leaving campus late at night? Walk with a mate, or ask someone in the computer pod or classroom if they're heading out and go together. If there's no-one else around call security for a chaperone 03 940 8076 (Give them as much notice as possible).
  • Having a party at your house? Don't upset the neighbours, police or get any unwanted guests – register it first with Good One
  • If you're walking or cycling make sure to be seen. Reflective gear may just save you.

Our processes

Read about what to do in an emergency or lockdown and how we ensure our buildings at Ara are safe for you to enter.