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This material introduces you to writing clearly and concisely. You will find resources to help  you understand instructional words, write clear paragraphs, as well as structure and format your assignment well. It also provides various resources on grammar and punctuation.

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Annotated Bibliography - A guided pathway to help you learn how to create an annotated bibliography and start work on your assignment. learning pathway
Critical Thinking - A guided pathway to help you learn about thinking critically. learning pathway
Editing and Proofreading - A guided pathway to help you learn about editing and proofreading. learning pathway
Essay Writing - A guided pathway to help you learn the basic of writing a good essay. learning pathway
Grammar - A guided pathway to help you improve your grammar skills.learning pathway
Literature Review - A guided pathway to help you learn the basics of writing a literature review and start work on your assignment. learning pathway
Paragraphs - A guided pathway to help you learn about writing good paragraphs.learning pathway
Reflective writing - A guided pathway to help you learn about reflective writing. learning pathway
Report writing - A guided pathway to help you learn about report writing. learning pathway
Spelling and Punctuation - A guided pathway to help you learn about spelling and punctuation learning pathway
Starting your Assignment - A guided pathway to help you analyse your assignment question and start work on your assignment. learning pathway

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A comparison of a report and an essay - This resource compares a report and an essay. PDF
Apostrophes quiz - A quiz from the grammar book on apostrophes. Webpage - External
Assignment writing steps - Guidelines to planning and writing better assignments.PDF
Being critical - Phrases you might use to express critical ideas in your assignment.Webpage - External
Commas quiz - A quiz from the grammar book on commas. Webpage - External
Develop your essay writing - University of Reading guidance on essay writing.Webpage - External
Effective academic writing - Examples of effective phrases when citing secondary sources in your assignments.PDF
English vocabulary - Exercises to practice your English vocabulary.Webpage - External
Essay structure (part A) - Quick overview of writing an essay.PDF
Essay structure (part B) - Detailed overview and examples of the different parts within an essay.PDF
Evaluating information - Tips on how to evaluate information to check the suitability for inclusion in your assignment.PDF
Fix run-on sentences - How to identify a run-on sentence and fix it.PDF
Fixing incomplete sentences - An overview on how to write a sentence that conveys complete thoughts.PDF
Formatting your assignment - Step-by-step instructions for formatting your assignment using Microsoft Word 2016.PDF
How to paraphrase - How to re-write someone else's text in your own words while fully retaining the original meaning of the source.PDF
How to summarise - Brief overview of summaries: how and when to summarise.PDF
Improving sentence clarity - This is a Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) handout, it can help you to improve sentence clarity.Webpage - External
Introducing academic work - Phrases you might use for writing your introduction.Webpage - External
Linking words and phrases - Important words and phrases that help clarify the relationship between elements in your writing.PDF
Making subjects and verbs agree - ver get "subject/verb agreement" as an error? This handout will help you understand this common grammar problem.Webpage - External
Overview of punctuation - This handout clarifies when and how to use various marks of punctuation.Webpage - External
Paragraph structure - Resource on how to create a clear paragraph structure with good logical flow.PDF
Plagiarism - what it is and how to recognise it - Overview of how to recognise and avoid plagiarism.Webpage - External
Punctuation quiz - A quiz from the grammar book on punctuation, capitalisation, and writing numbers. Webpage - External
Reflective writing - Guidelines to common types and styles of reflective writing.PDF
Report writing - Learning services Moodle course on report writing.Screen text
Report writing guide - Guidelines for structuring and writing a standardised report.PDF
RMIT study tips essay writing - This resource will help with writing a report.PDF
Semicolons and colons quiz - A quiz on semicolons and colons.Webpage - External
Sentence fragments - Fragments are incomplete sentences. Usually, fragments are pieces of sentences that have become disconnected from the main clause. This handout gives examples on fixing fragments. Webpage - External
Spelling - accept - except - This resource covers common spelling errors including accept/except, ei/ie, noun plurals, and –ible/able.Webpage - External
Verb - tense consistency - This handout explains and describes the sequence of verb tenses in English.Webpage - External
Writing an annotated bibliography - The University of Toronto resource on writing an annotated bibliography.Webpage - External