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Learning Resources

Here are some resources that will give you strategies and ideas how to make the most of your study time. These resources will help you to:  make notes; organise your time; prepare for exams and tests; and set up study groups.

Learning Pathway Start Learning
Critical Thinking - A guided pathway to help you learn about thinking critically. learning pathway
Effective Note Taking - A guided pathway to teach you the concepts of effective note taking. learning pathway
Exams and Tests - A guided pathway to help you prepare for exams and tests. learning pathway
How to learn - A guided pathway to different learning strategies to help you find your preferred learning style.learning pathway
Mind Maps - A guided pathway to help you to use mind mapping as an effective learning and study tool. learning pathway
Organising your Time - A guided pathway to help you learn how manage your time better. learning pathway
Reading strategies - A guided pathway to help you learn about reading strategies. learning pathway
Study groups - A guided pathway to help you learn about study groups. learning pathway
Three Stage Learning - A guided pathway to teach you about how to learn best in three stages, before, during and after class. learning pathway

Description View
3 Stages of Learning - This three-stage learning system ensures you get the best from every class.PDF
Academic support at Ara - Academic support services are provided to help students to succeed in their academic work. They are available free to enrolled students. This activity introduces you to the types of support available to help you to achieve your study goals.  Online course
Active Learning and the three stage process - In New Zealand tutors expect students to be actively involved in their own learning, because they believe that active learners will be more successful. In this type of learning, the student does not expect the tutor to do all the work. Instead, the student will read, write, think about and analyse course content outside of the classroom. This learning can involve problem-solving or applying course ideas to a practical situation.Online course
Effective note taking - Much of the formal teaching of course content occurs in lectures and other structured classes. Therefore, taking effective notes in class is a key study skill. This learning activity explains how to take notes that will be useful after classes as you work on assignments and prepare for tests.Online course
Effective Time Management - The following activity introduces the reasons that tutors think time management is important. It also shows you some ways to plan your study and manage your workload effectively.Online course
Guides and tutorials - University of Reading guides and tutorials around study and assignment writing.Webpage - External
How to learn - Proven techniques to help you learn.PDF
Making notes - Different techniques for taking notes from your classes and readings.PDF
Maths Support - Overview of the services offered by maths support Webpage
Mind maps - Tips on how to create and use mind maps.PDF
Mind map on self-directed learning - A mind map visual overview of skills/requirements, required for successful self-directed learning.PDF
Note taking example: Cornell method - Example cornell note taking method on the topic research ethics.PDF
Note taking example: Mindmap - Example mind map on the topic research ethics.PDF
Organising your time - Strategies to help you achieve your study goals and meet deadlines.PDF
PASS Study Groups - Information about one hour weekly study groups set up by learning services to help with particular subjects, business, computing, nursing, midwifery, allied health, pre health, Maori languagewebpage
Strategies to help with your learning - Introducing a number of strategies to help you learn. Online course
Study groups - Guidelines for setting up effective study groups.PDF
Successful learning in English - To learn successfully in New Zealand your spoken and written English must be understood by others. You will also have to understand spoken English in lectures and tutorials.Online course
Understanding how you think and learn - Understanding how you think and learn can help you to choose the most effective learning strategies. This activity will help you to identify the strategies that best suit your learning style so you can study efficiently and effectively.Online course
VARK Questionnaire online - Online questionnaire to determine your learning strategy.Webpage - External
VARK Strategies - Strategies to help you learn according to your preferred learning style. Webpage - External
Weekly planner - Use this planner to organise your weekly tasks.PDF
Year planner - Use this year planner to get organised early for your assignments, tests and exams.PDF