Study tips from Jessica Pelayo

1. Plan
Plan a schedule and stick to it. Keeping a diary and having a daily to do list avoid risk of forgetting important appointments or events and avoid time conflicts.
2. Prioritise
Accept that you can't do everything! Organise the things you need to do according to importance, difficulty and/or date they need to be completed.
3. Focus
Stay motivated and don't procrastinate. This can be done by constantly reminding yourself why you need to work hard. Having photos and motivational quotes on your study space may help too.
4. Make time for yourself
Make sure your schedule have some downtime. Schedule time with people who matter to you and activities that will help you recharge your batteries.
5. Sleep
Get enough sleep. A research paper published in Sleep Health suggests that for healthy individuals with normal sleep, the appropriate sleep duration for young adults and adults is between 7 to 9 hours. Sleep improves memory, sharpens attention and lowers stress. With these, you can be more productive and make less mistakes

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